Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am Alisha. I believe in one thing very deeply, “Doing your best means never stop trying!”

I am a Master of Science (Computer Science) student at University of Melbourne. I will be graduating by the end of 2018. I am working on my research thesis for “Detection of fake news on social media platforms using credibility evaluation.”

I love programming in Python. I have more than an year of industry experience of programming in Python. I am learning Rust since past 6 months. I have worked on some small personal Rust projects as well.

I have a keen interest in Machine Learning. I have interned with SilverPond as a Machine Learning Engineer and at the moment interning with Fedora and helping in improving the 389 Directory Server administrative tools.

I am an open source enthusiast, my most contributions done towards Mozilla and Rustlang.

I help children and women by mentoring them, who want to learn coding. Hence, I am involved with Code Camp and DjangoGirls workshops.

This is me :)